During October we’ve kept busy. We’ve had yoga, climbing, freediving and underwater rugby on the scheduele and it’s been heeps of fun.

We had a yoga session together with Raja Yoga Lund last thursday and it was really fun. After an introduction to the eight Yamas of yoga and a deeper reflection of how to use yoga practices in our daily lives we pursued some dynamic yoga for about an hour. It was really nice, relaxed and I think everyone had some fun being in for some strange positions. Definetely something LESS would do again and definetely something that everyone could incorporate into their daily lives and other ‘extreme’ sports.

On Sunday the 21st of October we rented the climbing hall in Lund for an exclusive LESS Session and it was tons of fun. Some got to try it for the first time and others got to share the amazing sport.

And as well as yoga and climbing, we revisited the AquaLund UV rugby and freediving group’s monday session to try some underwater extreme sport. As last time it was a really good time.


For the rest of the semester we have tons of action planned, amongst one of the events will be a visit to Jump Malmö on the 14th of November – look to our fb for more info on that event.

Much October love from the LESS Board