Datum: 2018-11-12
Tid: 12:00 f m - 12:00 f m
Plats: AF Borgen


It’s time for some cozyness now when winter is coming our way, we’ve booked the rooftop sauna at AF and we are stoked to get some quality hangout time – HOWEVER- first we thought it would be nice to get some lovely försäsongsträning in there and take a run together around Lund (around 5km). (There may also be a chill PW group) HOW AMAZING IS THIS PLAN?

As the Sauna is a Sauna and hence not endless we will have a limited amount of spots available and the sign up will be released on November 1st at 12.00 IN THE FB EVENT

Date of the event: 12th of November
Time: 18.30 –>
Where: AF-Borgen
Cost: FREE

After signing up you will receive more info about what to wear and bring and stuff even if it’s probably quite self-explanatory.