Datum: 2018-05-12
Tid: 12:00 f m - 12:00 f m
Plats: St. Hans Backar -> Lomma Beach

Longboard with LESS and Boardlife!

Get ready for the last LESS event of the year – LONGBOARDING!

Together with Boardlife.se we will have some boards for you guys to try out! The 12th of May will be the day to pencil in your calendar (the evening before might also be a casual hangout with some surfskate etc. more info on that will also come)

The plan for Saturday is to first have a chill trying-out session with some cruising here in Lund. Everyone will get a chance to learn how to longboard and get a feel for it – and then we will cruise together towards a location that will be announced later for some amazing afterskate with BBQ and swimming. This will be an amazing opportunity to try it and learn something new! If you have a board bring that and hang out with us for the day. Open to everyone, pros and beginners!!