Datum: 2019-03-24
Tid: 12:00 f m - 12:00 f m
Plats: SKK climbing

Climbing with LESS 2.0!

Many of you have requested more climbing events – therefore we will do a “favorit i repris” and go climbing together again on the 24th of March at Skånes Klätterklubb in Lund! All gear is included in the price, and we will have the whole place for ourselves for rope climbing and bouldering! There will also be instructors there to help us, and everyone can join regardless previous experience. Can it get any better?!


Link for sign up will be posted in the event on Wednesday 13th of March at 12.00. Payments will be done at the same time.


75 kr (all gear included!)

(To join our events you need to be a member of LESS. You can easily become one by signing up here → http://lundsextremsport.se/membership/. It’s only 100kr for a lifetime membership!)

Event full!

Sign up on the reserve list below.