Datum: 2019-05-22
Tid: 12:00 f m - 12:00 f m
Plats: AF borgen

It’s time to get some fresh blood into the LESS Board as some of the current board members are heading out on new adventures in the fall! The election will be held at the meeting on the 22nd of May and now is the time to nominate your candidates! There are four positions to be filled for the fall 2019.

You can nominate yourself, your awesome friends or anyone you think would do an amazing job in the LESS Board – making events, creating opportunities etc. Use the link below and nominate as many people as you can possibly think of latest the 15th of May.

Nominate using this link: https://forms.gle/6mPTimjeKXNpjNs66

If you have any question contact Clara or Lisa in the election committee:
● Clara Edwards: clarajosedwards@gmail.com
● Lisa Karlsson: minelli95@gmail.com

What are the different positions you can nominate to now?

The Board:

The board consists of seven members and a president. The Board’s task is to get members stoked and inspire them so that we can have fun and cool events in the LESS community. The Board manages the administrative work including managing meetings, admitting new members, planning events etc. The president has ultimate responsibility for the association. As a member of the Board you are also involved in representing LESS for Studentlund.


The president has, as explained above, the ultimate responsibility for the association. Furthermore, the president’s job is to coordinate the activities of the board as such as the organisation runs smoothly.

Election committee:

The election committee is not a part of the board as they are responsible to fill the vacant positions at the annual meeting – their job is to actively try to find new board members and nominate candidates they find suitable.

Do you think a new post is needed?

If you do – submit a motion to the board at info@lundsextremsport.se no later than the 15th of May.

What happens after the nomination?

After the nomination deadline has passed, each nominee will receive a question asking if they want to accept the nomination and then a list of questions to make the process more smooth for the election committee. Then the list of candidates will be summarised and explained by the election committee. Finally, this will be presented at the meeting on the 22nd of May and the present members at that meeting will vote for the nominees to be elected into the board.

See you on the 22rd and Good luck with your nominations!