Amanda Anastassov

Chairman of the Board

Studying: Law

Favorite (extreme) sport: Backcountry skiing & surfing

Most memorable LESS event: The ski trip to Sauze d'Oulx

Fun fact: I'm a world champion, guess the sport!


Isabel Kraft

Head of the Surf Committee

Studying: Behavioural science

Favorite (extreme) sport: Longboard surfing

Most memorable LESS event: The surf trip to Ericeira last spring

Fun fact: I have a blue belt in Tae kwon do


Sofia Johansson

Vice Chairman of the Board

Studying: Physical Geography and Ecosystem Sciences 

Favorite (extreme) sport: Scuba diving and snowboarding 

Most memorable LESS event: The LESS ski trip to La Rosière and the surf trip to Ericeira

Fun fact: I've been escorted by the police for 6 hours in the Philippines due to covid


Oskar Löfsved

Head of the Outdoor Committee

Studying: Civil engineering

Favorite (extreme) sport: Swimrun

Most memorable LESS event: LESS surf camp 2023

Fun fact: If you don't like rocks, ignore! Denmark is famous for a golden nail that shows the geological difference between dinosaurs and no dinosaurs...

This one

Sofia Overgaard

Head of the Climbing Committee

Studying: Environmental engineering

Favorite (extreme) sport: Climbing & skiing

Most memorable LESS event: Chalked up in Malmö

Fun fact: I've been to Niagara three times, but never seen the falls


Oscar Unosson

Head of the Ski Committee

Studying: Electrical Engineering

Favorite (extreme) sport: Backcountry skiing

Most memorable LESS event: Trying out kitesurfing

Fun fact: I grew up on a farm


Ville Amelin


Studying: Music production, Maths

Favorite (extreme) sport: Skiing of course!

Most memorable LESS event: Either the ski trip this year or last spring when we premiered the Surf Film Festival

Fun fact: My life was once saved by a box of red wine


Axel Josephson

Head of the Skate Committee

Studying: Psychology

Favorite (extreme) sport: Skateboarding

Most memorable LESS event: Surf Trip to Ericeira

Fun fact: I actually not head of skate, we're looking for a replacement!


Lea Sina Schulz

Marketing Manager

Studying: Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science

Favorite (extreme) sport: Skiing & hiking in the Alps

Most memorable LESS event: Sailing in Åhus & the ski trip to Sauze d'Oulx this year

Fun Fact: I have the coordinates of Lund as a tattoo


Ivar Björck

Member Coordinator

Studying: Cognitive Science 

Favorite (extreme) sport: I can't name one! Ok it's a tie between hiking, skiing, windsurfing, lead climbing, bungee jumping, eating surströmming

Most memorable LESS event: LESS weekend Halmstad

Fun fact: I once bought 90kg of the Swedish cookie "Ballerina"