About LESS

Read more about the association, how it was founded and how it functions today!

Our story

Lunds Extremsportarsällskap was founded in 2009 by a group of happy friends with a common interest in sports of the more extreme kind. Fortunately these friends were not alone in their quest of the adrenaline that follows snowboarding in powder or kitesurfing a stormy day. LESS is a ran affiliated association of Akademiska Föreningen (AF) (www.af.lu.se) for students who practise not only snowboarding and kitesurfing, but all kinds of extreme sports. And if there is something we have not yet tried, we are very keen to do so! The aim is to encourage extreme sports in Lund by bringing like minded people together who are interested in learning from each other and the culture. Does this sound at all interesting to you, join us and become a member of LESS today!  And don’t forget: LESS is MORE!

The organization

LESS consists of a board of 10 people. Within the board there are internal roles such as: chairman of the board, vice chairman/member correspondent, treasurer, social media (2) and the heads of our committees (5). The board is elected once per year, traditionally in december. 

Except for the board, LESS is organized by 5 different committees (surf, ski, climbing, outdoor and skate). Each committee is made up out of 10-15 people who are responsible for planning and realizing different events. A few times per year (usually around the start of the semester) it is announced in LESS members facebook group that the committees are recruiting new members and you can then apply to join them. If you are really keen on joining a committee in between, contact us and we will see if there are any open positions!

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