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The Less Board was in worse shape than ever when starting early on Saturday morning – a few went ahead to prep the cabin with lunch and welcome everyone else when they arrived but it was surely a bumpy road getting there and the weekend could basically just go up in hype – a hungover start doesn’t stop us.

28 extremely hyped LESS members gathered for a pasta salad lunch and some preparation for a long afternoon of climbing and exploring of Kullaberg. We went to a spot close to Mölle and it was truly amazing. The weather treated us well with sun and only a slight breeze, otherwise it was just perfectly warm and beautiful. Somehow we managed to get 4 ropes going and everyone was enjoying either testing limits or testing for the first time even – SO DEEPLY IMPRESSED BY EVERYONE!! We got to see some epic moves, dynos and even some blood from the never-giving-up LESSers. When some people were climbing some went hiking and exploring around the area and found some really cool caves – not a boring minute with these people.  As a perfect end to the climbing sesh (which we ended as late as possible with darkness embracing us slowly on the drive home) we got to see some seals/tumlare/cool animals – super nice!

In the evening everyone was pretty beat but nothing cheers a crowd up like tacos and the cozyness level was extremely high. Candles, tacos and laughter filled the room with joy and it was the perfect (almost) end to a perfect day. After dinner everyone gathered for some games arranged by the awesome Lisa and that definetly showed off some unexpected talents – such as stuffing your face with marshmallows or guessing times.  This was a great finale and post-game everyone fell asleep quite fast – an early morning wake up call was waiting!

Sunday morning was started slowly but nicely – some breakfast and lots and lots of coffee got the first group of mountainbikers hyped and ready. We knew the sun was on its way so the day was already pretty amazing. The day was then very nicely spent mountainbiking, barbecuing and exploring NIMIS – another perfect LESS day. The biking was fun as always – an activity where some people show of their competitive side and some people realise that they should’ve excersised more. However – it can to a 100% be said that everyone had TONS of fun and enjoyed the mud, bruises and slippery slopes a lot!

All in all – the LESS weekend 2.0 was a success! We from the board want to give a sincere thank you to everyone who participated and made the weekend amazing – such a great team spirit and so much fun we’ve had! We couldn’t be happier and we hope you feel the same.