new year new possibilities! We present ourselves as the new LESS board of 2019!

  • Jonas Andersson – Chairman
  • Johanna Wallin – Treasurer
  • Anna Arnwald – Boardmember
  • Daniel Isaksson – Boardmember
  • Jennifer Carlestam – Boardmember
  • Frida Sundin – Boardmember
  • Johanna Hansson – Boardmember
  • Kajsa Lotta Karnebro – Boardmember

We are full of new ideas and as we speak we are planning new events in the upcoming months, lets just say it’s gonna be an awesome spring! And don’t worry, YES we will have LESS weekend 2019. So far we have been working hard with our new registration system that launched last week. We now have the option to take payment via credit card so no more trouble with payment in the future!
We will be at Hälsningsgillet in AF borgen this friday 1/2 to meet the new students of lund and convince them that extreme sports is for everyone! So meet us there and talk to us, share new ideas and hear about the upcoming awesomeness!!  

Keep yourself updated!