The Board of LESS 2020

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Sara Hult

Vice chairman and treasurer

Study : Engineering in information and communication technologies❄☀️⛷

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing, extreme ironing

Why LESS: to meet like-minded people and try new sports!!

Next extreme sport on the “to do-list”: Redneck Games

Quote: “I always jump from one extreme sport to another: parkour”, “Parkour is a lifestyle” “No friends on LESS sign up day”

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Lovisa Wallman

Head of social media

Study: Biotechnology Engineering

Favorite extreme sport: Windsurfing, sailing, wave-surf, cross country skiing.

Why LESS?: LESS is organizing really cool events, and it is a great community of people! It is really fun to be a part of this!

Next extreme sport on the “to do-list”: Scuba Diving!

Quote: “Det är aldrig för kallt för att bada!”

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Vilma Krosse

Head of social media

Study: Politices kandidatprogrammet

Favorite extreme sport: Skitouring!

Why LESS?: It’s a great community that brings like minded people together. What’s better than getting to do the sports you love or trying out new ones with the amazing people of LESS?

Next extreme sport on the “to do-list”: I look forward to use my ice axe for the first time (best trade ever). I’m also keen to give surfing another try. Although I’m considering to wear a helmet this time...

Quote: “Hä ä bar å åk”

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Markus Andersson

Head of the adventure committee

Study: Socionomprogrammet

Favorite extreme sport: Ultra running

Why LESS? : Im a part of LESS because of the opportunities it delivers. Being a board member is something i like very much because I get to introduce people to the wonderous world of fitness and extreme sports.

Next extreme sport on the “to do-list”: MMA or Boxing

Quote: “Even if we could get a bunch of honeybees to press their bodies together to form the shape of a human, there’s no guarantee that this bee person could speak” - Barack Obama, Probably.


Olivia Wiaczek

Head of surf committee

Study: Biomedical engineering

Favorite extreme sport: Kite Surfing!

Why LESS: - “Becöz Lisa sa so”.... För att lisa sa “häng me de blir ball” , och de blev de

Next extreme sport on the “to do-list”: Mermaid swimming

Quote: “En öl till”


Filip Borén

Head of ski committee

Study: Psychology

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing, Snowboarding, Downhill Longboarding, Surfing

Why LESS: LESS is a great community of active, friendly and cool sporty people and it’s really fun to be a part of creating events with LESS to bring these awesome people together

Next extreme sport on the “to do-list”: Mountainbiking

Quote: famous last words: “I could totally land that jump”


Victor Svenfelt

Representing Finland

Study: Journalist

Favorite Extreme sport: Skateboarding

Why LESS? To share experiences with others!

Next extreme sport on the “to do-list” Kite surfing!

Quote: "Det bästa med att ramla är att man får stiga upp igen"


Oskar Vilhelm Heimer

Head of climbing commitee

Study: Environmental Engineering, LTH

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing, climbing and skyrunning

Why LESS?: Meet, spend time and enjoy life with some of the best people in Lund, while doing sports, hangouts and exploring the opportunities in how to best spend your days.

Next extremsport in the to do-list : Kitesurfing!

Quote: “Live more, do LESS”