The Board 2021

Cederstrand redigerad

Lovisa Cederstrand

Chairman of the board

Favorite extreme sport: Skiiing

Study: Bachelor in Sociology

LESS event of your dreams: To ski in Japan and get there through the Sibirian Railway. I got totally inspired by the video "12,000 KM Trans-Siberian to Japan".

What makes LESS more: The opportunities to try new things, and of course the people.

Quote: “Ibland måste man göra saker man inte vågar, annars är man ingen människa utan bara en liten lort.”

wallman redigerad

Lovisa Wallman

Head of the surf comittee

Favorite extreme sport: windsurfing, wave surfing, sailing

Study: Biotechnology

LESS event of your dreams: Surf trip to a tropical environment. 

What makes LESS more: The amazing community of people sharing dreams and experiences. 

Quote: "Det är aldrig för kallt för att bada."

vilma redigerad

Vilma Krosse

Member correspondent

Favorite extreme sport: skiing!

Study: Bachelor in Political Science

LESS event of your dreams: Ski trip to Siberia with our Ukranian/Russian guide we had when LESS went to Georgia.

What makes LESS more: That it’s a great community that bring like-minded people together.

Quote: "May the adventure be with you."

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Erik Henriksson

Social media

Favorite extreme sport: Climbing and kite surfing

Study: Technical Design, LTH

LESS event of your dreams: My dream event would be a mountaineering expedition where we would combine trekking, rock climbing and ice climbing. How cool would that be?!

What makes LESS more: Always being around people that are excited to join you on all the crazy shit you come up with.

Quote: “I solemnly swear that I am always up for adventure.”

Nadja Vinberg

Head of climbing committee

Favorite extreme sport: Parkour and climbing

Study: Bachelor in Political Science

LESS event of your dreams: A week filled with a big mash-up of all the extreme sports you can imagine. Preferably somewhere off the grid. Surfing in the morning, MTB at noon, workshops in skating and parkour in the afternoon and then some evening climbing. Combined with tons of food 🙂 

What makes LESS more: Göteborgshumorn

Quote: “Vad är väl en bal på slottet?”

filip redigerad

Filip Borén

Head of ski committee

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing

Study: Psychology / Engineering

LESS event of your dreams: Heliskiing in Revelstoke, Canada.

What makes LESS more: The community, more or less.

Quote:  “Det kan ju inte mer än gå åt helvete.”

Helena redigerad

Helena Formgren


Favorite extreme sport: Sailing

Study: Business Administration and Rhetoric

LESS event of your dreams: Sailing to and around Ven.

What makes LESS more: The “yes let’s go” attitude.

Quote: A ship is always safe at shore, but that’s not what it’s built for.”             -  Albert Einstein


Oskar Vilhelm Heimer

Vice chairman

Study: Environmental Engineering, LTH

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing, climbing and skyrunning

Why LESS?: Meet, spend time and enjoy life with some of the best people in Lund, while doing sports, hangouts and exploring the opportunities in how to best spend your days.

Quote: “Live more, do LESS.”

Simon Wiklander

Head of trekking comitte

Favorite extreme sport: Trekking!

Study: Bachelor in Development Studies

LESS event of your dreams: A week-long trek on the Laugavegur trail in Iceland. 

What makes LESS more: That the people don't take themselves too seriously!

Quote: “The roof is not my child, but I’ll raise it.”

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sara redigerad

Sara Hult

Social media

Favorite extreme sport: skitouring, redneck games

Study: Information and Communication Engineering Technologies

LESS event of your dreams: Deep powder trip to Siberia with guide Anton!

What makes LESS more: All the amazing people you get to meet.

Quote: “No friends on LESS signup day”