Lovisa Cederstrand

Chairman of the board

Study: Sociology

Favorite extreme sport: Powder skiing 

Your best extreme sport memory: My entire season in Canada

Quote: When life gives you snow, go skiing.


Martina Rosenqvist

Head of the surf committee

Study: Environmental Engineering

Favorite extreme sport: Wave surfing

Your best extreme sport memory: Surfing cute waves under the full-moon in Sri Lanka, that was magic!

Quote:  Someone has to be the beginner too (hint: usually me) 

Fun fact: Believe I’m the fastest in Lund to shotgun a beer 🙂


Anna Goffhé

Membership Coordinator

Study: M.Sc. Managing People, Knowledge & Change 

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing & Trekking 

Your best extreme sport memory: Spending the night in a mountain hut to climb one of the highest peaks in the valley (3123 masl) including both glacier hiking and climbing.

Quote: Everything is difficult before it becomes easy 

Fun fact: I’ve tried 684 different beers (so far…) 



Johan Gustavsson

Head of the outdoor committee

Study: Medical school

Favorite extreme sport: Climbing & Hiking

Your best extreme sport memory: When I sailed for a week with a big, old traditional sailboat with other young people.  We experienced everything from nice weather and swimming to storm and rain!

Motto: Always ready!

Fun fact: Once I crawled into a hole in the ground.  It turned out to be several small tunnels and after a while I was lost!


Serena Dorner

Head of the climbing committee

Study: Physical Geography 

Favorite extreme sport: Climbing 

Your best extreme sport memory: Cold places are fun, so the time I hung on a rope inside a crevasse (the inside of a glacier) was really cool!! Blue ice allround and a black hole underneath! 

Quote: You can try anything, at least once! 

Fun fact: I know some great Sudoku tricks 🙂 

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Erik Winterfeldt

Head of the ski committee

Study: Mechanical engineering 

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing, cliffjumping, unicycle trials  

Your best extreme sport memory: My best extreme sport memory was when I did a road trip through Europe with a bunch of friends. We went around Europe with campervans and full filled the trip with different types of extreme sports.  

Quote: Äh, det blir kul på film  

Fun fact: I just like jumping on stuff 


Maria Manuel Pacheco


Study: Electrical Engineering  

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing, Climbing and Hiking 

Your best extreme sport memory: We went winter camping for the first time planning to stay 5 nights. We toured with our downhill skies and loads of packing for a long time. After setting up camp and touring the first mountain, my friend's boots had eaten her feet so she could barely walk, so we just packed everything and went back! 

Quote: “Nah! It’s just a little swollen, it’s fine!”

Fun fact: I am unbeatable att ölkubb! 


Sofia Jonasson

Vice Chairman

Study: Behavioural science

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing and Sailing 

Your best extreme sport memory: After a snow dump, me and some friends were out skiing off-piste when we got a tip from some people in the lift above before we were on our way down a small cliff. Later we sat in the lift above and had to give them the same tip, when they were on their way down the same cliff. In the end we caught up with each other and made some new friends!

Quote: Do what makes you happy

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Malin Svärdling

Social media

Study: Biomedical engineering 

Favorite extreme sport: Wakeboarding & snowboarding

Your best extreme sport memory: Has to be when a whale shark swam into me whilst diving in Thailand.

Quote: “….GAINS!!!!!”

Fun fact: I once accidentally got a tongue split (like a snake) from getting elbowed in the face. The doctor laughed, took photos and then stitched it up 🙂 


Eugénie Collin

Social Media

Study: Mechanical Engineering 

Favorite extreme sport: Skiing and surfing!

Your best extreme sport memory: With our surfboards in the van, driving around to find an empty surf spot and then surfing in the sunset in the most beautiful setting. So magic! And also, buying my first own surfboard. That was also magic;) 

Quote: Everything is possible

Fun fact: I love sports but have never set my foot in a gym🤫